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How to Let Go of Resentment, Anger & Bitterness and Learn to Forgive

What is up my fellow dreamers and soul searchers? Today I want to talk about letting go of grudges. This is a really important topic because, as we go along on our journeys, we start realizing how important it is to be careful with the thoughts that we hold in our minds. We want to be sure that the feelings that we're holding on to are not lowering our vibration and bringing us down to a level where we're not serving ourselves. This is a level where we're not achieving our highest purpose, and we're not emitting feelings and frequencies of love, light, and gratitude. Ultimately we are not vibrating on the frequency of that which we desire.

Forgiving somebody isn't about them winning or getting the upper hand. Forgiving a person is about you. It is about unburdening your heart, your soul and your mind with things that plague you. Those feelings don't serve anybody, and if you're feeling negative, pissed off, or resentful, you are experiencing lower-vibration feelings. These are not feelings of love, gratitude, happiness, joy, and excitement, which raise our vibration and put us into alignment with achieving our dreams.

It is really important that we look into our lives and assess any areas that might be creating resistance within us. This manifests in the form of anger, resentment, jealousy, hatred and all of those terrible things that nobody wants to feel. In order to unburden your heart, the first step and the first thing you have to do is to find a point of gratitude within the situation. If you're mad at somebody for doing you wrong, you need to look back into that relationship or look at that person and find some piece of human essence that you can identify with. Something you can empathize with, not sympathize but empathize, something to put you in their shoes.

Maybe this person was a total piece of crap but perhaps they were raised in a horrible environment. You want to make these concessions because at the end of the day, even if a person does the worst possible thing to you, it comes from a place of pain within them. No, it’s not that it’s okay that it was projected onto you but it’s also not your fault, not your problem, not your burden to bear. The pain that they are feeling doesn't have anything to do with you and your life, bur knowing that they are also suffering on the inside can sometimes make it a little easier to understand why someone might do something that's terrible or atrocious.

If it’s murder, rape, robbery, even if it's just your friend talking behind your back, it doesn't matter the level of the slight. If you are feeling consumed and trapped by it, it is keeping you from ascending higher. If you truly want to move on from this you have to find a way to release the painful emotions.

Your next task is to find something within the situation to be grateful for. Maybe this was a person you were in a relationship with, and they cheated on you, they talked bad about you, and they did every terrible thing to you that a person can do to another person. But, there was a point when you fell in love with that person. There was a point, even if it was just for a short time, when you were attracted to them, or maybe they brought you a gift once that was really meaningful to you. Recall something that made you say, “Thank you!” for the experience.

I heard a story about a woman lost her husband and she was so angry at him for leaving her with their young children that she couldn't move on. She couldn't forgive him, even dead, she was just so angry with her him. Eventually she got to the point where she was able to move past the anger and work through it. She had to say, “Thank you”, to him for being an amazing husband. She had to thank him for giving her their amazing children, and for the years that they had together. She thought, “Yes you left me, and yes my life will never be the same, but for the time when I had you here, it meant everything.”

Finding a place of gratitude and saying, “Thank you”, for the good time you had together, will help you on your journey moving past the situation. When you find yourself experiencing negative feelings towards a person or towards a situation, you have to stop the thoughts in their tracks and remind yourself of the point of gratitude or understanding that you have with that situation, and then physically move yourself in into a new space. Clear your mind, put on music, do some jumping jacks, focus on something that doesn’t hurt you etc…it's important to get yourself to the place where you can forgive and eventually let go of that anger and hurt.

This is not an issue about forgetting what happened, of course, you'll never forget, but you have to move forward with your life. You know your life is not meant to be spent living in the past. If you live your life in the past, you're constantly thinking about things that you don't have. If you live your life in the future, you're constantly worried about the things that haven't happened yet.

This is why it is so important to live in the present moment, to find things that you can be grateful for now, focus on them and hold on to them tight. Even if it's just one thing, even if it's just the fact that you have a roof over your head and power to make it through the night, in the morning you have so much to be thankful for because you start off each day with a blank slate. Every day is a new day, a new chance to make your dreams come true; to focus on what makes you happy.

Focus on what raises your vibration and what brings you in to closer alignment with your Highest Self, your greater purpose on this planet and the achievement of everything that you want. We’re all raising our vibrations together. You have the power, I believe in you.

If you’d like me to help you release anger or resistance and guide you towards your manifestations head to www.roxyleeheart/getmoreroxytalks

Leave your questions in the comments, or DM me on Instagram and I'll get back to you!

Thanks you!

Roxy Lee

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