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How to Get Yourself Back on Track After a Negative Slump

Today's topic is one that's not just for you but also for me too. I often find myself wavering on my journey, going up and down, back and forth, hot and cold. Overall, I stay above the threshold of knowing that I'm creating my reality at all times, and I understand that my feelings and my mood hinge on my ability to see the positive things in life. Something that I am practicing is bringing myself back up from those low moments when I stop believing in my power and I start thinking thoughts of doubt. Thoughts like, “You're going to be a waitress forever” or “You’ll never make this work”, the negative thoughts that float through our minds. So this is a bring-yourself-back-to-fucking-zero moment. Back to knowing what a powerful, magical being you are, and fuck you for thinking shitty things about yourself like that. How dare you!?

So what do you do when you feel yourself slipping? I know the anxiety it can cause, because I experience this all the time. On a weekly basis, I can go from, “I can fucking do anything, everybody wants me to help them,” to, “Nobody gives a fuck what you have to say, and why are you even posting anything? Retreat, retreat!”

To counteract these notions, I’ve gathered some tips on how to catch yourself when you find your thoughts slipping and get yourself back up to a manageable level. We are okay, we're just fine, we are good, and we are good enough!

1. Do an inventory check.

The first thing to do when you feel yourself slipping is to do an inventory check. Are your priorities still the same? Has anything changed? Have your wants, needs, or desires changed? Have your goals changed? If not, and your goals are still the same, what have you done this week or this month to achieve them? Are you taking steps to achieve your goals? For me personally, I find that's usually the source of my insecurities. When I don't think I’ve done enough work to better my situation, I start feeling really shitty about myself. I always have to be working on something or else I really start feeling useless.

So do an inventory check. What are you doing right now, or the last few days or the last few weeks, that is different from when you are on your A-game? Is the weather shitty? Is it something external that is triggering you? Did your in-laws come to town? Did somebody at your work put you down, and now you're afraid to like voice your opinions? Go through and figure out what may have ignited this, so that you can address it, nip it in the bud and move on.

2. Return to normalcy.

The next thing to do when you feel yourself spiraling out of control is to return to normalcy. My suggestion is to do one thing that is SO “you on your journey”, or so “you on your path”, that it just snaps you back into that moment. For me it's literally doing this post right now. This helps me, while I'm *hopefully* helping other people, because everything I'm sharing is being re-impressed upon my subconscious mind too. I set my intentions before my “Roxy Talks” videos to say that I am a vessel for the universe, and whatever messages needing to be conveyed are going to come through me concisely, and resonate with the people who need to hear it. I say that every time before I record, and then I just let the magic happen. Sometimes I have an outline, but there's no script for my videos.

So when I'm presenting this information to you, it's being transmitted through me, in the very moment that I am sharing. For me, that is a healing act, it brings me back to my center. It reminds me of my purpose on this planet; which is to give this information freely and help heal other people. That in itself brings me back to a level of comfort. I feel like, “this is who I am, this is what I do. I am okay, everything is okay.”

3. Check your diet.

The next tip I have concerns, diet. I’ve talked a lot about diet on my channel, because I am a recovering former food addict, plus I'm a girl... It’s not that other genders cannot succumb to the pressures of society's weight expectations, but women have extra pressures put on them to look a certain way and food, for me, is always right there in the back of my mind. I’m always wondering what I’m going to eat, glad I didn't eat this, wishing I hadn't eaten that, always thinking about my next meal. It has always been right there, and I don't think I'm the only person that experiences that.

So, when you're going through one of these low periods where you feel bad about yourself, it's way too easy to binge and it's way too easy to eat terrible food because it makes us feel better in the moment… but that's only a temporary fix. I shared a video on my channel, about my week of bingeing on Taco Bell, and how I became more depressed because of it. We are made up of the food we eat. So it's really important that we stick to healthy eating habits during these periods. Eat delicious, sun kissed foods from the earth filled with information from the sun, and vitamins and nutrients. Everything that you need to survive is in the plants that the earth gives us. Eating greasy, low vibrational foods containing the flesh of creatures that didn’t want to die is a sure way to stay in a low vibrational state.

4. Manage your energy output.

My next tip is to reassess where your resources are going. Think about what it is that's making you feel out of control, lost or stuck, or that you're not making progress. Is it because you're wasting your precious resources working in a 9-5 every day when you really want to be building your business? Or, are you wasting time in a dead-end relationship when you could be putting that energy into your own personal growth? There’s a cause for these periods of depression and low moments. They are a symptom of us not doing something that we're supposed to be doing on our path. So take a moment to analyze what you've been doing versus what you know you should be doing. Are you accomplishing these tasks? Are you hitting your goals? Are you working every day to fulfill your dreams? Or are you wasting your time? Are your resources going to too much of the wrong thing? That’s a huge problem. We work so much, that by the time we have some free time, we are so tired that the idea of working on something else is almost out of the question, we just want to relax or we want to party and get it all out.

So see if there are items that you can delegate off to somebody. Try and restructure your time, so that you can put your efforts into something more efficiently. That will help you along your journey and keep you out of the rut of feeling like you're not moving forward.

5. Help someone else

My final bit of advice to employ when you feel down about your situation is to help someone else; whether that is through volunteer or charity work, helping a family member or neighbor with a chore, talking your friend through a rough patch, WHATEVER. Anything you can do that will add value to another person will take you out of your own head. Being reminded of the plights of others is a good way to stay grounded and remember that our own situations are not impossible.

Is there something that you are really good at that would help out another person on their path? Do it pro-bono. Reacquaint yourself with how good it feels to be selfless. We are all one on this planet. We are not just connected; we are ONE being, ONE entity. So when you help someone else, you are also helping yourself. Do it freely and with no strings attached.


If you're interested in discovering more about your journey, your soul’s purpose and aligning yourself with your highest version, click here: I would love to help you with your situation by getting to the bottom of what's causing friction and explaining how you can address it. I’m here for you.

We are all raising our vibrations together, you have the power, I believe in you!

Roxy Lee

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